Hotel Assistant Manager CV

A Hotel Assistant Manager looks after all areas of Hotel Management. It is his or her duty to aid and assist the General Manager in every way possible, while making independent decisions in their absence. A Hotel Assistant Manager is expected to deal with customer issues as well as financial transactions.

The following CV may be used by those applying for the job of Hotel Assistant Manager or Hotel General Manager.

Sample Hotel Assistant Manager CV Template

Lionel Crawford

Straight Steet, Right Lane

Kansas City


Mobile No: +98 98793 492

Telephone No: +887 98273 983

Career Objective: To serve the hotel industry through providing my services as a Hotel Manager, whether General or Assistant.

Professional Experience:

Bridge to Heaven Hotels, San Francisco, 2004-Present: started work as a Team Leader and have found my way up through promotions. Currently, I am employed as an Assistant Hotel Manager and have been so for the past three years. My job includes dealing with customers, making financial decisions, staff and general maintenance, and so on.

Hotel Assistant Manager Objectives:

  • To assist the Hotel General Manager in all possible ways
  • To look after the maintenance of the Hotel
  • To look after the financial side of things
  • To look into customer related issues
  • To look after staff maintenance


2001-2004: Bachelor of Hotel Management, New York University


Our Food Division at Bridge to Heaven Hotels was given a place in the “Top 50 eating outlets in San Francisco”  by Sunday Herald.


  • Collecting Watches
  • Collecting Time-related memorabilia


“Upon request”