Hotel CV

If you are planning to apply to a hotel industry, the first and the foremost thing you need to consider is your expertise in the different function of a hotel. A hotel is a huge business and has varied functions including boarding, lodging, entertainment, service facilitation, marketing and more. Once you are sure which aspect of the hotel industry you are interested in, write a CV considering the same.

A hotel industry requires high levels of people skills since a hotel is all about its relationship with the customer and how you treat and make your customer feel. Hence the more you know and interact with people, higher are your chances of success.

Also, people serving in a hotel industry often perform multi disciplinary function owing to the basic nature of the industry, hence a brief idea on each of the functions is a must and this must be demonstrated through your CV.

Your CV is your first and your last impression, very similarly to the reception desk at the hotel which help create a first and the last impression. Hence your CV must excite the employer enough to invite and accept you for the interview.