Hotel Desk Clerk CV Template

Hotel desk clerk CV template provides a modular framework of the information that should go into the resume of a person who is keen on working as a hotel desk clerk. This job is validated and strengthened through substantial work experience and training from the hotels in which the person is employed. In order to derive an exceptional resume which is both impressive and resourceful, certain guidelines should be followed. The job duties are not highly varied and revolve around carrying desk operations like keeping a tab on clients on entering or leaving, catering to their needs and problems and taking down bookings.

Sample Hotel Desk Clerk CV Template

Hotel Desk Clerk CV

[State the name and other accompanying personal information in the preliminary space]



Employment status:

Marital status:



Career goals:

Seeking an employment opportunity as a hotel desk clerk in a top hotel which would give expose my strong abilities of ____________ [state the knowledge or abilities for the job].

Education summary: [Summarize the educational accomplishments]

1. Attained GED from _____________ [state name of high-school] in the year _____

2. Attained graduation degree from _____________ [state name of college] in mass communication, in the year ________

Professional summary: [Summarize the job related accomplishments]

1.  Worked as _____________ [mention the job post held] in ______________ [mention the name of the company] for ___________ years/months.

2. Worked as _____________ [mention job post held] in __________ [mention name of company] for _________ years/months.


Training: [Stipulate the training related details]

Training  on___________ [mention the training course] have been undertaken for ______[duration] from ________ [mention institute name]