Hotel Detective CV Template

Detectives who work for hotels are responsible for preventing and mitigating losses and protecting assets of the hotel as well as those of its guests.  Hotel Detectives protect guests and employees from theft of their belongings, prevent vandalism, damage or loss of hotel property and preserve order in hotel shops, restaurants and bars. They also may keep undesirable persons, such as beggars, street bums and known thieves off the premises.

Sample Hotel Detective CV Template

Jeremiah D. Feinstein

Wellington St., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-463-4487


To work as part of a team of store detectives in a large department store

Professional Experience


2005 – Present:  1st Hotel Detective, Park Plaza Leeds

  • Make periodic rounds of key hotel sections and floors at random times of the day to check on suspicious activity
  • Coordinate with Hotel Security and monitor hotel CCTV surveillance operation at slack times to check on comings and goings of hotel parking lots, lobby sections, entranceways, lobby, change rooms, floor hallways, catering and commercial areas.
  • Initiate investigation of reported thefts by staff and hotel quests in coordination with local police.
  • Apprehend and detain hotel visitors found disrupting operations, vandalizing the property or attempting to harm guests
  • Use two-way radios to alert security officers in other parts of the hotel when in close pursuit of wanted persons within the hotel premises
  • Alert low enforcement officers on apprehended persons


  • Excellent medical health and physical fitness
  • Adequate useful martial arts skill for subduing suspects
  • Must have a keen observant eye to detect suspicious behaviour
  • Above average oral and written communication skills
  • Above average interpersonal and social skills to deal with hotel guests, hotel management and law enforcement officers



2004:  Black Belt Judo, King’s Oriental Martial Arts School, Leeds

2001 – 2004:  High School Diploma, Whitechurch High School, Cardiff


To be furnished upon request