Hotel Director CV

A Hotel Director has much the same duties as a Hotel Manager, however in some large places the two may co-exist peacefully, sharing jobs accordingly. They are generally involved in guiding all departments of the hotel towards maximum efficiency, be it the food department, the laundry department or the maintenance department.

A Hotel Director needs a very strong CV, especially to get into high profile hotels.

Sample Hotel Director CV Template

Andrew Parker

Hill Road, 87th Street



Mobile No: +987 9873 984

Telephone No: +874 94834 59

Career Objective: To excel in the Hotel Industry through my dedication, innovation and diligence.

Professional Experience:

2003-Present, Director Hotels: began work as an Assistant Hotel Manager and found my way up through promotions . Currently, I am employed as a Hotel Director, looking after profits, customer service, staff maintenance and cuisine.

Hotel Director Objectives:

  • To properly maintain the hotel so it looks presentable
  • To maintain the staff and keep them motivated
  • To take care of profits and other financial issues
  • To hire new personnel
  • To train new personnel
  • To process and present data
  • To take care of customer service


2001-2003: MA in Hotel Management and Hospitality, Burlington University


Director Hotels saw an unprecedented growth in the fiscal year of 2002, under my supervision as a Hotel Manager. I was awarded a special year long bonus for the same.


  • Roof Tiling
  • Soft Drink making


“Upon request”