Hotel General Manager CV

A Hotel General Manager is generally the highest authority at a given hotel other than the corporate directors and the owner. It is his or her duty to maintain the hotel properly, hire and train personnel, look after major issues involving guests and to look after financial concerns. Hotel General Managers are highly trained individuals with strong leadership qualities.

A strong CV is required for applying for this post. The following sample may be used by General Managers in general and Hotel General Managers in particular.

Sample Hotel General Manager CV Template

Kader Caan

Big Street, Down the Road

St. Petersburg


Mobile No: +9 9839 2983

Telephone No: +8792 293 45

Career Objective: To work in and to serve the hotel industry through my expertise and experience.

Professional Experience:

Capital Hotel, Miami, Florida, 1997-Present: started work as a Food Manager at the hotel, in charge of all cuisine related services and eventually made my way up to becoming the Hotel General Manager in 2003. My job includes everything from maintenance, managing human resources, training to customer care and financial planning. I represent the entire staff to my superiors at the corporate office.

Hotel General Manager Objectives:

  • To maintain the hotel in all departments
  • To hire/fire personnel
  • To train new personnel
  • To make financial decisions
  • To deal with major customer issues
  • To look after security of guests
  • To look after repairing and maintenance work


1994-1997: Bachelor of Hotel Management, Harvard University


Under my management, Capital Hotel, Miami has featured in countless magazines and television shows as one of the best in the area.


  • Snooker
  • Collecting Star Wars memorabilia


“Upon request”