Hotel Housekeeping CV Template

A hotel housekeeping CV template exemplifies those facets of one’s professional life that are highly important to get started and to persist in this career field. The components that must be presented through the document count in the education, training and employment history, all of which are equally significant in determining the person’s stand. The tasks performed under this require a set of management skills in looking after the cleanliness and hygiene of rooms, supervising catering services, coordinating different service departments and purchasing food and other items for the hotel. It also requires one to report everything to the executive body.

Sample Hotel Housekeeping CV Template

Professional Resume

[Add personal data covering all significant details]


Birth date:




Career objective:

Seeking for a hotel housekeeping job by virtue of my __________ [mention the skill and efficiency]

Academic profile: [Expound the academic skills]

  • Achieved high school diploma from __________ [mention school name] with credit in _____________ [mention the subjects]
  • _________________ [state if there are any other academic degrees obtained by the candidate]


Employment profile: [Expound the employment experiences]

  • From ________ – _________ [mention the duration of employment] served as _________ [mention post] in ____________ [mention name of organization]
  • From _________-__________ [mention the duration of employment] served as _________ [mention post] in ___________ [mention name of organization]

Experiences gathered in: [Mention the job fields]

1. _________________

2. _________________

3. _________________

Professional reference: [Explicate the reference made in favor of the candidate]

___________ [mention name of the referee], _________ [stipulate designation] refers me for the job.