Hotel Receptionist CV Template

A hotel receptionist CV template should focus on those aspects that can be capitalized on to create an impressive resume. Banking on those particular abilities and proficiencies, the resume should be developed. The generic as well as specific information about the candidate should be included in elaborate details. It is necessary to highlight the skills that can ease the job of a hotel receptionist as he has to do a variety of tasks ranging from keeping customer records to addressing their problems, using electronic gadgets to attending phone calls, updating authorities to explaining service packages to clients.

Sample Hotel Receptionist CV Template

[Provide the formal introduction of the candidate]


Residential address:

Residential number:

Email address:

Objective: Applying for a hotel receptionist job by means of ________ [name the dominant skills and ability to function in an actively running organization]

Training Information: [Demonstrate the skills acquired via training and instructions]

1. I have formal training certificate in computer applications including ___________ [name the computer courses in MS Office] from ________ [name the institution].

2. I have also received training certificate in _________ [mention other field of training] from _______ [name the institution]

Educational Information: [Expound the educational details]

1. Done high-school graduation with credit in English from _______ [state school name] in the year ____________

2. Done Bachelors in mass communication  from __________ [state college name] in the year __________

3. _________ [mention other prerequisites] from _________ [designate institution details]

Professional Information: [Mention past experiences]

Delegated the role of ___________ [mention earlier post] from ______-________ [specify service duration] at ________ [mention office address]

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