Hotel Security CV Template

Hotel security CV template is an official blueprint of a hotel security CV that focuses on the skills and experiences of a hotel security man gathered over years of service. It demands a wide spectrum of physical abilities and efficiencies in order to conduct the job of a security source. The protection and safety of the hotel’s guests, staff and officials is entrusted with him wherein he deploys security personnel, patrols hotel premises, escort guests, checks belongings in case of doubt and takes care of the lockers. The format can be emulated to reproduce a hotel housekeeping resume for any organization.

Sample Hotel Security CV Template


[Insert the basic fundamentals related to the applicant]


Date of birth:

Residential address:


Employment status:

Career statement:

Looking for a challenging job of hotel security through which I could exercise my skills of ___________ [mention exact skills that are suitable for the post]

Qualifications: [Indicate the qualifications earned since school]

  • I have passed high school in ________ [mention year] with ___________ [state the background]
  • I have subsequently completed ___________ [mention degree] in _____________ [mention name of the subject or course]

Training: [Indicate the training background]

  • Acquired sufficient training in __________ [mention training premise] from _________ [mention school name] for a period of _________ months.

Rewards: [Indicate the rewards received for conducting the job responsibly]

Received _____________ [mention name/type of the reward] for ___________ [mention exact cause]

Past experiences: [Formulate the details related to past work experiences]

Posted as ________ [state job post] for ________-__________ [mention years] in __________ [state hotel name]

Reference will be available on request from recruiters.



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