Housekeeping Manager CV

A Housekeeping Manager is expected to take on a number of roles around the house. The general idea behind the job is to keep the house neat and clean and tidy. The work may range from simple dusting to scrubbing. A Housekeeping Manager would generally be appointed in a larger house, instead of a small flat. The Housekeeping Manager is expected to have a small staff at their disposal as well.

A good CV is essential for getting a good deal as a Housekeeping Manager. A Housekeeping Manager may also work under Hotel Managers or as part of the Hotel Staff.

Sample Housekeeping Manager CV Template

Susan Beach

Village Road,



Mobile No: +4 83 8238 9283

Telephone No: +8 292 302

Career Objective: To provide my services as a good housekeeper and an even better manager to those who require it.

Professional Experience:

Grand Hotel, Lansing, 2004-Present: I am currently employed by Grand Hotel for the management of the housekeeping staff. My job includes guiding old and new recruits alike and keeping the rooms and the hotel in general spic and span.

Housekeeping Manager Objectives:

  • To direct the housekeeping staff effectively
  • To keep the house spic and span
  • To work under own initiatives
  • To use all methods possible to achieve the cleanest rooms possible


Associates Degree in Hospitality Management, University of Michigan


Customer satisfaction is the only achievement worth talking about.


  • Sewing
  • Quilting


“Upon request”