How to write a CV template

CV or curriculum vita is a very important document, which reflects your knowledge as well as your capabilities to get a job done. Given such a situation, it is important that it is well drafted and contains all the necessary elements required to attract the attention of the prospective employer. Using a CV template to draft your resume is often advised as the best possible way to ensure drafting a good CV. However, with the myriad websites available today that offer such templates, it is essential to know what makes a good CV template so that you can really benefit from using it.

First and foremost, care should be taken to use different templates for different types of CVs. A good CV template will always have an objective statement in the beginning, where you can succinctly state your reason for applying for the current job. Educational qualifications and experience follows the objective statement. Both can be listed either in chronological or functional order, depending on the nature of the job you are applying.

Care should be taken to ensure that your entire CV fits in a single page, maximum two and no more. However, having said that it is pertinent to note that important information should not be left out and hence it becomes very important to draft your CV in such a way that all necessary information is presented clearly and in an organised manner. All unnecessary information should be weeded out of your CV.

Contact details can be either at the beginning or at the end of the CV but should be put clearly so as to enable the employer to get back to you.