How to write Students CV

Student can mean a high school student or college student .This is the first CV that you would write before embarking on your professional journey. A students CV would generally have less of professional experience and more of educational qualifications .The first major thing before writing a CV is to understand what your professional goals are and how you are going to present it.

The first thing to do before writing a CV is to read the job description of the job you are applying for. Make a list of keywords in the job description and try to include those words in your CV. Write a clear objective for your CV .A clear objective shows that you have a clear idea of how you want to build your career. For a student, description of the educational qualification is the most important part of the CV. Start with the highest educational qualification and go down further .Mention the names of the institutions studied and the grades obtained clearly in the CV.

As a student would have little or no professional experience, try to include details about projects, volunteer work or part time work that you might have undertaken in the last four years in your CV .You can also include computer skills and technical skill that you might have learnt. Try to include details about you which show that you have good communication, leadership, organization and time management skills.

Another thing to remember while writing students CV is to not exaggerate any skill which you cannot easily talk about. The person taking the interview would ask you questions on each and every detail in your CV. Hence it is better to include in your CV only those skills which you can talk about comfortably and confidently. Include all the interest and hobbies that you have in your CV to give your potential employer an insight into your character.

Present the CV using a simple font without color. Try to keep the CV as simple as possible and do not cramp it with too much of unnecessary information and details .The important points in the CV should be highlighted using headings and bullets. Proofs read the CV and weed out any grammatical mistakes before sending it to the employer. Keep in mind that CV represents you in your absence, dress it in a appropriate way without being loud so that it stands out in the crowd of other CV’s