Hydrologist CV Template

Hydrologists are among the geoscientists who conduct researches on the origination, distribution, and physical qualities of surface and underground waters.  They also study the density, property and form of precipitation, rate of soil absorption or infiltration and movement through the earth’s geologic formations and eventual return to the atmosphere and oceans.  They are employed mostly in environment-focused foundations, mining and water sourcing companies.

Sample Hydrologist CV Template

Harvey K. Courtney

Euston Rd., London

Phone:  020-6684-5887



To be part of a team of Hydrologist in a major ecological research company

Professional Experience

2001 – Present: Hydrologist, Wellington Mining Corp., London

  • Analyze research data on water sources and made recommendations to management on geologic feasibility of mining projects
  • Use research study findings to help municipal authorities in developing hydroelectric power generating projects
  • Investigate origins, properties and movements of north Atlantic glaciers and ocean currents and weight their economic implications to mining projects in the area.
  • Review and make recommendations on applications for site excavation and mining plans and recommend approval, rejection, modification, or further study.
  • Administer projects designed to ensure proper sealing and closure of divested mining sites.
  • Install and calibrate hydrologic instruments that monitor water levels, precipitation and ice movements.
  • Develop or enhance systems and techniques in conducting hydrologic studies.



  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills
  • Willing and able to travel and work in distant lands


Cited by management between 2004 and 2009 for consistent high performance rating


2001 – 2003:  MS Hydrology, Kingston University, Surrey

1997 – 2001: BS Geology, Sheffield College, Yorkshire


Can be provided upon request