Illustration CV

An Illustration specialist provides graphical illustrations by examining layouts, sketches of offered illustrations, and associated materials; determining best-convenient style, techniques, and reachable mediums; using detail from sketches, models, memory, and creative imagination; discussing illustrations with customers , graphic designers and 2D and 3D modelers at various stages of work completion.

Sample Illustration CV Format

David Arturo

Goth Lane, 445th Street

New Jersey

New York

Mobile No: +43 09334678

Telephone No: +78 22678452

Career Objective: play a key role in producing of highly engaging interactive sketches of offered illustration contents that will be used across a broad shadow of viral, 3D models and fantasy layouts

Professional Experience:

ART TECH, 2006-2009: worked as graphic designer a, 2D and 3D modeler. I used to design posters, Signboard and nameplates for shops

Fusion, 2009 till now I am working as an illustrator and graphic designer and cartoonist

Illustration Objectives:

  • To Design, create and develop Sketches\Illustrations using Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and 3d max.
  • To impress clients by using the creative imagination to add talent and imagination to projects
  • To Brainstorm unique ideas with other illustrators , graphical designers and clients
  • To Keep the head designers updated with work progress reports and project transformation
  • To initiate close communication between team members and other teams


2003-2006: BA from Falmouth College of Arts with a degree in Illustration


I won a 5000$ in the Creative Ideas contest last year.


  • Drawing cartoons


“Upon request”