Immunologist CV Template

Immunologists are medical doctors specializing in the practical research and application of immunological medical care that includes strengthening and protecting the body’s natural defenses against diseases as well as applying preventive inoculation against known contagious diseases.  They also diagnose and treat disorders of the immune systems.  Research immunologists work with a team of microbiologists, geneticists and other scientists including environmentalists when dealing with diseases and developing vaccines.

Sample Immunologist CV Template


Dr. Steven H. Larouse, PhD.

Wellington St., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-244-3990


To work as an immunologist for a large metropolitan hospital or foundation specializing in HIV/AIDs research

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Immunologist,  St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital, London

  • Conduct research on AIDs and its response to various forthcoming immunological solutions.
  • Provide feeding regimens and medication to strengthen immune systems of infants and young children who were not breastfed.
  • Conduct experiments to isolate micro-organisms that establish a causal link to reduced immune functioning.
  • Conduct research into disease causing micro-organisms to evaluate immune system responses in the presence of variously formulated vaccines and antigens.
  • Observe safety precautions in research work by wearing protective apparel when handling toxic bacterial, viral and chemical agents.
  • Conduct preventive inoculations on children and patients


  • High comprehension ability in handling complex theoretical and practical aspects of immunological projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Strong computer literacy to handle large databases of organic diseases and perform computational simulation.


2000 – 2002:  Immunology Training, College of Medicine, University of Geneva

1996 – 1998:  Internship and Fellowship at the University Hospital Geneva

1992 – 1996:  College of Medicine, University of Lucerne

1988 – 1992:  BS in Chemistry, University of Lucerne


Can be provided upon request