Industrial Engineering CV

Industrial Engineering is an odd branch of engineering; it does not require strict understanding of engineering in the traditional sense at all. Instead it borrows from the spirit of efficiency that engineering is renowned for and applies it to the Industrial Sector. Industrial Engineers are expected to analyze a company’s workings and find places where either time, energy, resource or all being wasted; and then devise ways of fixing it.

Industrial Engineers are chased after by companies. They may eventually go on to become Company Managers.

Sample Industrial Engineering CV Template

Sylvester Moon

Purr Street



Mobile No: +849 39839 29

Telephone No: +849389348

Career Objective: To enter the field of industry and use my skills to make myself an asset to the company.

Professional Experience:

Grand B Corp., 2009-2010: worked as an Assistant Industrial Engineer, responsible for writing detailed reports on the company’s missteps and suggesting ways of fixing them.

Industrial Engineering Objectives:

  • To sniff out areas where the resources of the company are being stretched thin unnecessarily
  • To fix the said problem
  • To use a combination of technology, innovation and engineering to arrive at a viable solution
  • To work with the company Manager to ensure that the new systems will remain in place


2005-2009: Bsc in Industrial Engineering, University of Chicago


I was featured as the Employee of the Month in my third month at Grand B. Corp.


  • Collecting Dice
  • Board games


“Upon request”