International Sales Manager CV Template

An international sales manager CV template is a prototype of the resume for those candidates who are considering entering into international sales. The job role of an international sales manager can be found in many sectors like export and import, online selling and buying, foreign subsidiary operations, etc and could be used for selling all kinds of products which has demand in an international arena. Candidates who are interested to gain the position of an international sales manager should have an education preferably in International Business with some work experience in sales and marketing. The international sales manager CV template highlights all these factors and helps a candidate easily find a position suitable to his choice.

Sample International Sales Manager CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

[Contact Information of the candidate]

Name: ___________________

Birth: ___________________

Address: ___________________

Phone: ___________________

Email: ___________________

Languages known: _____________________________

Career objective:

I am in quest of to becoming an International Sales manager with my _________ [mention the skills] where I will be able to utilize them to my and the firm’s advantage.

Educational history:

  • Completed ____________ [graduation / post graduation degree] from __________ [mention the college / university] in the year ______ with _______ [achievements]
  • Completed high school from __________ [mention the school] in the year ______ with _______ [achievements]

Professional Certifications:

  • Completed certification from __________ [mention the institute / board] in the year ______ with _______ [performance]

Work experiences:

Served as _____________ [mention the designation] in the organization _____________ [mention the organization] between the date _______________ [mention the from date] and _______________ [mention the to date]

Skills developed: [Provide 3-4 skills needed to achieve the desired role]

  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________


Sales Job Responsibilities