Internship CV Cover Letter Template

Sample Internship CV Cover Letter Template


[Name of Recipient]

[Designation of Recipient]

[Name of Company]


Dear [name of recipient]:

I am a [year level] student of [college course] at [name of university or school]. I believe I have enough experience and training that makes me qualified to serve as your intern.

I also believe your company could help me realize my field of study better through additional first-hand experience. In return, I know I can also contribute my skills and abilities to your company while combining my education and motivation.

I am willing to attend an interview or take an exam at your most convenient time. I am also attaching my CV, which enumerates in detail my relevant seminars, trainings, and experience in [field of study].

You can reach me through [mobile phone number] if you have any questions.

Thank you and I look forward to spend my internship in your company.

Respectfully yours,

[Name of Internship Applicant]