Internship CV Cover Letter Template

Internship CV Cover Letter Template

The Hiring Manager

WHS Engineering Services


Dear Sir/Madam

Recruitment of Interns in your Organization

I came across your proposed recruitment of Interns in your workshop and I wish to be one of the many Interns to be appointed as per resume attached herewith.

I am a high-school pass-out with no resources for pursuing further studies as I am an orphan with my parents dead in a major train accident which took place last year.

I studied science subjects with physics as one of the major where from I learn many mechanisms which I have even practically tried out in the physics laboratory of the school I studied in and since then had developed interest in handling various machines.

As an Intern, if selected, I shall initiate involving with others in the department, help them and also learn various aspects of machine operation to become a dependable machine operator.

At this moment, due to lack of resources, I am destined only to such position and seek your favourable consideration of my candidature on compassionate grounds.

Thank you,

Wilson James