Interview advice

Interviews are part and parcel of job seeking experience and therefore it is essential to excel in it. Most people tend to lose out on good jobs because they are unsure of how to handle interviews. Here is some advice on how to be successful in an interview.

The first important thing is preparation for the interview, which includes gathering as much information as possible about the company, its affairs and people. The first question asked by most interviewers is about the interviewee’s knowledge of the company and its affairs.

The second most important advice is that practice makes a person perfect. Always have mock interviews with your friend or family member before you attend an interview, as this will give you the necessary confidence to face one.

Thirdly, it is best to relate your answers to your experience. Drawing examples from your previous work experience, when answering the different queries of the interviewers, will actually show your expertise in the area as well as give a better understanding of you as an individual to the interviewer. It is also a good way to highlight your strengths and weaknesses without stating them overtly.

Finally, always reach well in advance for an interview as this will make a good impression. Dress well and present yourself in the right manner as first impressions last forever. Moreover, it is important to stay calm and composed during the interview. Lastly, always listen to the question completely before answering it and take time to answer the questions, instead of rushing into it.



Oral Interview Questions