Job Cover Letter Template

Sample Job Cover Letter Template

Mr. Will Davidson

General Manager

WCA Construction Supplies

Dear Mr. Davidson:

I would like to apply as one of your inventory assistants as seen published in the 3rd May issue of The Bulletin. I believe I can fulfill the duties with flying colors. I also have enough experience in the similar field.

I have worked as an inventory assistant for different stores already that dealt on different products. Given this, I have also worked as an inventory assistant for a construction supplies company. I know the basic and advanced processes involved in conducting an inventory. I am also willing to fulfill duties that you may want to assign outside taking inventory of supplies.

I am attaching my CV with this job cover letter for your consideration. It details my relevant work experience. I have also included my email address and contact numbers there so you can reach me immediately when needed.

Thank you and more power.


Brent Kaufman