Job CV Template

A job CV is best prepared using the functional format. This format is also ideal for persons changing their career. If for example you have completed your diploma in early childhood development and did your teaching practicum but have not worked a related job, you could still land a job. What you need to do is place your education and practical experience first so it stands out. The skills set used in the curriculum vitae should be strong and relevant, catching the interest of the recruiter.

Example of Job CV Template

Godfrey M. Jackson

Church St. ST4,

Stock on Trent 7 DK

Mobile Number: 9283 112 494

Telephone Number: 911 123 0903


Career Objective:

Enthusiastic educator who believes that children learn best in a learning environment that is comforting, supportive and stimulating. Possess the ability to work in a stressful chaotic environment and still be calm and productive. Possess exceptional ability to establish quick rapport with students, teachers and parents.

Educational Background:

2000 – 2003: Diploma in Early Childhood Development, Hillsborough College

2003 – 2004: Practicum at Mimi Children Center, London

Work Experience:

2006 – Present: Child Nurse Aid


  • Arranging day care rooms where range of motion activities are held
  • Encouraging children to advance their social skills
  • Creating instructional materials consistent with medical procedures done on them
  • Implementing age appropriate activities ranging from playing, reading books and painting
  • Planned and directed 2 field trips to the zoo and local museum once a year for oncology patients
  • Collaborated with co-workers to provide the best care possible
  • Assisted in coordination of parent-nurse interviews regarding patient’s/child’s condition

2004 – 2006: Child Care Nurse Assistant


  • Providing morning care which includes bath, grooming, changing linens
  • Feeding children allowed having food by mouth.
  • Providing children with balanced and appetizing meals
  • Encouraging children to eat and play during recreational activity time
  • Teaching children in ward new games and songs
  • Teaching self help skills like dressing, feeding, toileting
  • Creating a safe and fun learning environment
  • Developing indoor and outdoor educational lessons


  • Was chosen as best child care aid in the region
  • Patients referred to me as inspirational, enthusiastic and loving.
  • Was recommended for a scholarship in Nursing by the Hospital Board