General CV

Before you go for a specialized CV template, make sure you have paid enough attention to the general CV tips so as to make your CV look more classified and clutter free. Your employer will have to go through the arduous task of reading through hundreds of CVs before giving an interview call and hence he is not particularly interested in reading essay like CVs. So keep your CV crisp and to the point. Avoid nay lengthy descriptors and use pointers instead.

Also keep your CV free from any spelling or grammatical mistakes. These mistakes are a strict no-no. Mention your education details, work experience, hobbies and more in a reverse chronological order with the latest at the top.

Do not forget to mention the time period in which you were associated with each of the employers and how did you contribute to each of them. Through this your future employer will try and understand how much can you contribute to his organization.

Also make sure to include your contact details accurately including your email id and your contact numbers. Try and include a secondary email id and contact number as well to avoid missing out on any opportunities.