Job hunting on a local level

Whether you’re searching for jobs in a distant city or close to home, the process can always be a bit intimidating. However, if you’ve chosen to look for something local for your next workplace there are many advantages which ought to make you look on the bright side.

When you opt to make your job hunt local, you are automatically furnished with a whole world of knowledge and information that competitors from other areas won’t know. Insider knowledge of local news, trends, and factors that might influence the workplace is invaluable, and can really give you an edge over the competition. You’re also more likely to be familiar with local companies and their profile in the community, so can tailor any applications to talk about what you have found interesting or inspiring in their previous work.

It’s crucial that you use your local knowledge to tailor your CV and covering letter to each individual application. Whether you’re referencing local news and events which you know have had a direct impact on the business, or discussing the history of the company itself, demonstrating knowledge about and interest in the place you’re applying to can take you a long way. And if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, do some research to improve your awareness. Look up rankings and league tables to see where your chosen business stands amongst its competitors, and investigate any work or projects they have done in the past which can be linked to your own experience and interests. Ultimately the best thing you can do to improve your chances is show that you are a great fit for the company.

When you’re job hunting on a local level, there are various places to go to source vacancies. It could be as simple as finding a company you like and applying on spec, just in case they have any forthcoming vacancies that could be perfect for you. Equally, you can take advantage of local news and community notices which provide up-to-date information on regional vacancies. And no matter where you live, you can always use sites like to find jobs in Leeds, Brighton, Nottingham and many more. Always emphasise what it is that gives you an edge with potential employers, and if it happens to be local knowledge then don’t be afraid to show you have your finger on the pulse.