Job Interview Skills

A job interview is the most important aspect of getting a job in any company and therefore it is important to treat it with great importance and prepare properly for it. It is often seen that people tend to view job interviews as either tests, where they have to do or die or in the alternative view it as a game, where they feel that once they know the likes and dislikes of the interviewer, their job is done.

In reality, a job interview is about building a relationship of trust between you and your interviewer and demonstrating to him or her, what you can do for the company. It is important to establish a relationship based on trust and honesty with your interviewer, especially if you want to gain the job. This is where your entire demeanour and body language comes into play. It is important to focus on the interview and yet spice it with small but concise anecdotes about your experiences. Talking about mutual interests is also advisable but care should be taken not to overdo it.

Secondly, it is important to show the interviewer all that you can do for the company. Preparation in advance is required for this part, where you need to gather adequate information about the company as well as the post you are applying for. These details will help you project the right image, which will satisfy the requirements of the job and help the interviewer take the right decision.

Thirdly, it is important to be prepared with intelligent questions that you can ask the interviewer about the company and its policies, when asked to do so. Asking the right questions creates the right impression and can help you land the job.

Lastly, honesty is very important in an interview. Never overstate your experience or falsify your statements as this will give a wrong impression.