Job Interview Techniques

Different interviewers use different techniques to select their employees and while it is not possible to be prepared for all types, it is essential to be aware of the different job interview techniques that are popular with employers.

The one on one interview is the most common interview technique, which is usually preceded by a selection process, where some of the candidates are eliminated. The fact that you have reached this stage in the selection process means that you are being seriously considered for the post and therefore you should be prepared for detailed questioning about your qualifications, experience and skills.

A more casual interview technique is the lunch interview, where you meet your interviewer over lunch. However, this does not mean that you let your guard down and relax completely because this is the interviewer’s way of judging you and learning more about you.

Behavioural, situational or competency based interview is another very common technique used by employers to select their prospective employees. Here the employers are not really concerned about your qualifications or experience but want to judge you solely on the basis of your skills and attitude in combination with the knowledge you may have acquired.

Screening interview is very common when there are a large number of applicants for a particular post and the company wants to narrow it down. This interview is very brief and often candidates are not required to attend the same.

Group interview is where the company executives introduce the company to a group of applicants, where there is no pressure and you can learn more about the company and your job.