Judicial Law Clerk CV Template

Most of the time, being a judicial law clerk is the first job position a law graduate takes. It is a great opportunity to be mentored by a judge and start building a network of connections that will later on help with future endeavors. Being a judicial law clerk requires great skill in writing and in research to be able to fulfill the job responsibilities effectively. As the clerk moves up the job ladder, he can then become a staff attorney in due time.

Sample Judicial Law Clerk CV Template

Harriet Rice

123 ABCDE Street,

Bristol, Avon

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Email: hrice@email.com

Career Objective

To obtain a position of judicial law clerk under a respectable judge and learn more about the legal field while exercising my skills and knowledge on judicial law

Educational Background

Master of Arts in Law

University of Bristol, 2005


University of Bristol, 2002

Work Experience

2008-present: Judicial Law Clerk, The XYZ Trial Court


  • Researched on drafts and court motions on different periods of criminal and civil procedures
  • Prepared researches on memorandums and different judicial services
  • Rewritten opinions and reviewed cases on judiciary hearings

2005-2007: Judicial Law Clerk, ABC Juvenile Court


  • Offered essential researches on legal motions of criminal hearings and procedures
  • Assisted in case management developments
  • Kept updated on cases that needs to be reviewed by the judge to give credible answers when the judge needs information


  • Fishing
  • Watching movies


References available upon request