Judiciary/ Court Interpreter CV Template

In court hearings and trials that require the testimony of migrant witnesses or foreign nationals acting as experts, there may be a need to have a Judiciary or Court Interpreter who can translate their foreign languages into English and vice-versa to achieve understanding among parities.  The court appoints a local Judiciary Interpreter who can translate to the court and for the witness the required languages for understanding.

Sample Judiciary/ Court Interpreter CV Template

Helen B. Chan

Surrey, Kingston, UK

Phone:  020-454-66798



After migrating to England and working as a freelance court interpreter in a London trial court, I am looking to work in a similar capacity in my new home in Kingston

Professional Experience

2005 – 2010:  Freelance Judiciary Interpreter for various courts in London

  • Appear in court trials and hearings to translate French and Chinese testimonies into English in real time.
  • Provide text translation services for documentary evidences in Chinese or French.
  • Coordinate with the clerk of court on the schedules of arraignment, hearings and trials as required.
  • Confer with court witnesses needing translation to ensure they understand each other.

2001 – 2005:  Instructor in Chinese, Boston Language Institute

  • Conduct classes in Chinese for linguistics students of the college
  • Assist the faculty, embassies and museums in translating documents


Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, French and Chinese (Native tongue)



Received commendations from a number of trial and appellate courts in Boston


1999 – 2001:  BA in English and French, Boston Language Institute

Natural knowledge is Chinese Mandarin


To be furnished upon request