Kindergarten Teacher CV Template

Kindergarten teachers prepare small children to a more structured and formal education yet to come in their academic lives. These teachers incorporate values and habits that will help young kids to easily cope with their primary education. They build sturdy educational foundations that will mold the child’s learning physique. Kindergarten is a stage wherein teaching skills are not enough. Patience and understanding with utmost passion for kids must be basic requirements for any aspiring kindergarten teacher.

Sample Kindergarten Teacher CV Template

Allison Wandmaker

123 Greenock Street,

Sheffield, S6 4NB

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Aspiring to become a kindergarten teacher and mold the lives of the next generation of leaders

Educational Background

MA Early Childhood Education

University of Sheffield, 2004

BA Education, Culture and Childhood

University of Sheffield, 2002

Work Experience

2002-present: Kindergarten Teacher, ABCDE High School


  • Prepare lesson plans and methods of assessment
  • Conduct parent-teacher meetings to report on the progress and concerns for each child
  • Work with other kindergarten teachers to collaborate in building a strong curriculum

2001-2002: Trainee Kindergarten Teacher, ABCDE High School


  • Planned and carried out daily routine activities to instill routine to the kids
  • Designed ways to incorporate fun into educational activities
  • Monitor attendance and progress by updating progress chart of each student


  • Able to incorporate fun games and interactive activities into lessons
  • Intensive knowledge on how to establish good relationships with children
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Certified early childhood educator


References available upon request