Laboratory Technician CV

A Laboratory Technician’s job more or less depends upon the employer, but they are generally expected to assist in and carry out routine tasks like performing tests, filling out paperwork and providing support to surgeons, doctors and technicians. Depending on the employer, a Laboratory Technician may also have to perform research work.

The following CV may be used by those looking for a job as a Laboratory Technician at various labs, like clinical labs, dental labs or medical labs.

Sample Laboratory Technician CV Template

Fred Zinneman

5052nd Street

New Jersey

Mobile No: +43 233 1212 33

Telephone No: +344 2321 1232 11

Career Objective: To aid the growth of science by providing my services, and my expertise, as a Laboratory Technician.

Professional Experience:

2005-2006: Warner Laboratory of Medicine: worked as a Laboratory Assistant, mainly doing paperwork and data representation.

2006-2008: Western Labs: worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician spending countless hours performing various tests on blood, urine, stool and semen samples. I was also responsible for producing the final, detailed report on the results.

2008-2010: European Laboratory of Blood Testing: worked again as a Medical Laboratory Technician, this time specifically testing blood samples.

Laboratory Technician Objectives:

  • To Help carry out scientific tests
  • To ensure that the results being obtained are accurate through the application of proper controls
  • To record all data, however unnecessary, for research purposes
  • To ensure that the laboratory is functioning at its optimum by arranging instruments and machines properly
  • To assist medical and scientific professionals achieve the correct results
  • To do independent work to represent given data through the use of graphs and reports
  • To prepare samples and specimens for experimentation


2002-2005: BSc in Biology, Washington University, School of Medicine, St. Louis


I was voted the hardest working individual by colleagues and seniors during my time at Western Labs.


  • Photography
  • Collecting Movie Trivia


“Upon request”