Lawyer CV

A lawyer is a licensed person practices law. Law is the system of regulations, established by the influencing government of the society to achieve the stability and maintain justice. Lawyers involve the practical application of legal theories to solve specific individualized problems, or to defend the interests of those who retain.

Sample Lawyer CV Format

Dart Hoffman

73rd Street




Mobile No: +43 3756238756

Telephone No: +78 435634895

Career Objective: I am a highly talented lawyer, knowledgeable and experienced with law research and court papers’ drafting and making fruitful negotiations with both clients and their litigant

Professional Experience:

UUU Law, 2002-2004: worked as an assistant lawyer

UUU Law, 2004 and till now, working as an essential lawyer of the organization’s crew

Lawyer Objectives:

  • To have the ability to negotiate , bargain and convey messages between conflicting edges f the case
  • To have rich information about all aspects of law (criminal, family, personal injury … etc).
  • To be aware of Constitutional Rights within a Family Context
  • To have be aware of Constitutional Criminal Procedure.
  • To be aware of Criminal Practice and Procedure
  • To be aware of The Rights of Adolescents
  • To be able to Transfer Between Courts
  • To be able to Deter Violations
  • To o work under pressure


BA of law, Knit University


I was awarded the lawyer of the year at UUU Law in 2008.


  • Swimming
  • Video gaming


“Upon request”