Legal assistant CV Template

Legal assistant CV template should reflect the person’s ability to conduct in depth research in all areas of the law with extensive knowledge of at least some areas of law. In addition, written communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to handle and counsel clients should be highlighted. This CV template can be used for the post of legal assistant or law assistant.

Sample Legal Assistant Resume Template

Simon Jordan,

234 Bakersville Rd,



Mobile Number: 44 2343 5767

Telephone Number: 012345 86958

Career Objective

With over six years of experience in the legal field, related to corporate and commercial law, I wish to expand my legal experience into other areas of law and broaden my knowledge. I am an excellent researcher and have excellent drafting skills and can handle any project independently.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Law, 2003

Bachelor of Arts, 2000

Work Experience

2006-Present: Legal Assistant, Warner and Warner


  • Prepared legal documents, briefs
  • Conducted extensive researches on various cases
  • Represented clients in administrative hearings
  • Interviewed clients and advised them as regard their options
  • Compiled a database of all the relevant case laws for easy retrieval
  • Assisted attorneys at trials

2003-2005: Legal Assistant, Murray, White and Crowe


  • Prepared documentation of cases
  • Handled extensive research
  • Assisted attorneys in court
  • Prepared all other court documentation that is required to be filed in a case
  • Scheduled appointments and court appearances


  • Excellent drafting skills
  • Excellent research ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to grasp and explain complex legal issues
  • Ability to present a case before the Court in the best way
  • Multilingual in Spanish, Hindi and English


  • Developed extensive case law research for easy retrieval
  • Set up office documentation systems