Legal CV

If you are about to write a legal CV for yourself, it is vital that you understand the purpose of your CV. A legal CV not only list all the achievements and honors in a chronological order but also markets you. A legal CV is all about how good you can support your case. It is as good as fighting a case in the court.  Your CV should help a law firm gauge, how good an asset you will be for them. Customize your CV as per the available vacancy and do not try and force fit one CV format to some other vacancy.

If you are a fresher or are highly into the habit of switching jobs frequently, use a functional resume style where you can first put an outline your skill sets and achievements rather than list them in a chronological order.

Do not forget to list your bar affiliations or the place where you are licensed to practice law last. If you are a lawyer, it is important to mention your references well in your CV. Your references will speak for your work and your reputation and hence try and provide with the most trusted of the references.