Legal marketing CV Template

Interpersonal skills, ability to convince, in depth knowledge of law and marketing techniques should be reflected in a legal marketing CV. This CV template is similar to any other marketing CV template, the only addition being that it talks about the legal field. Honesty, straightforwardness, charming personality and creativity should be mentioned.

Sample Legal Marketing Resume Template

Simon Jordan,

234 Bakersville Rd,



Mobile Number: 44 2343 5767

Telephone Number: 012345 86958

Career Objective

With over three years of experience in the field of legal marketing, I am seeking a challenging job that will help hone my existing skills and grow. I am an excellent communicator and have a way with words and people. Being brutally honest and straightforward, I am able to build good relationships with clients, both existing and prospective.

Educational Background

Masters in Business Administration, 2005

Bachelor of law, 2002

Work Experience

2008-Present: Legal Marketing executive, Infotech Ltd


  • Promoted various aspects of the company
  • Ensured proper maintenance of client database
  • Ensured regular mailing to existing clients
  • Made extensive use of social media marketing to ensure clients were well informed as regards company status and policies

2005-2007: Legal Marketing Executive, Murray and Murray


  • Prepared for various promotional events
  • Represented firm in various conferences and seminars
  • Promoted values of firm
  • Ensured complete satisfaction of existing clientele
  • Maintained proper records
  • Devised new marketing strategies to inform clients about relevant changes in law


  • Excellent marketing ability
  • In depth knowledge of law
  • Great communication skills
  • Multilingual in French, German, Spanish, Italian and English
  • Great ability to convince and win people


  • Devised new marketing strategies
  • Used social media marketing in legal field extensively