Line Avionics Technician CV Template

The Line Avionics Technician works with a team to inspect, test and troubleshoot avionics equipment at the cockpit instrument panel and avionics bay below it.  They perform light maintenance and repair of these avionics appliances on the aircraft parked at the hangar or airport tarmac and if the testing and troubleshooting point to a deeper problem, the avionics instrument or appliance is taken off the aircraft and routed to the Avionics shops for the appropriate repairs.

Sample Line Avionics Technician CV Template

Fahid T. Khaled

Manor Rd., Bristol, UK

Phone: 0161–223-2556



To work as a Line Avionics Technician in a large international airline


Professional Experience

1998 – Present:  Line Aircraft Mechanic Technician “B”,   Ryanair, Stansted

  • Undertake in-house training in the avionics operations of aircraft types in the airline fleet assigned to work on.
  • Observe work shift schedule to ensure maximum productive time
  • Conduct test, troubleshooting and light repair of avionics instrumentation on the B737 400 series.
  • Once confirmed, route defective avionics instruments to shop avionics with the required discrepancy findings properly documented in according with engineering service bulletins and manufacturer MTBF requirements.
  • Perform tests and minor repair of avionics instruments of Airbus aircrafts.
  • Ensure that all tests and repairs conform with mandated maintenance standards
  • Participate in productivity and quality improvement programs.



  • Above average computer literacy to use automated aircraft maintenance parts inventory and job productivity systems.
  • Above average communication and interpersonal skills to work in a team.


Cited Employee of the Year in 2003 to 2008 for perfect attendance and consistent high repair output performance in each of these years



1996 – 1998: BS Electronics Engineering (undergraduate), University of Bristol


Can be provided on request