Manager CV

A manager CV is a document which depicts the qualifications and suitability of a candidate for a managerial post in a company, firm or business. It must be written in an appropriate manner as it is the document that will form the first impression of a candidate to the board of selectors. Certain important points need to be kept in mind while writing a CV, and more so in the case of a CV for a managerial post. These points are as follows:

  • The manager CV must be precise and to the point. The qualifications, including the academic background of the candidate, must be clearly explained. However, one must include only relevant information. Thus, a candidate’s qualifications which are particularly apt for a managerial position must be given more priority and weight than his other qualifications.
  • The manager CV must also include details of the candidate’s vision for the company he or she plant to join. Such a testimony is invaluable in revealing the character of the candidate. His vision of his personal and professional growth within the work space, as well as his contribution to his company must be explained in his own words.

Thus, a manager CV must be written after careful consideration in order to have the maximum impact.