Manager for Health Safety and Environment CV

Health Safety and Environment are two different departments but are closely liked. A manager of this job will have to have that unique skill of merging the two and yet not concentrating more on one area than the other. Rather, decisions made by good managers will positively affect both parties

Manager for Health Safety and Environment CV Template

Michael Daniels

9 Grovelands Road,

South Tottenham,

London, N19 4BS

01707 239 585

mikedaniels@youremail. co. uk


To effectively do the job I have been hired to do and to do it in a way which will be remembered as uniquely mine.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Knowledgeable about the computer and how to use it to communicate effectively.



University of Angelia, Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies


University of Lancashire, Master’s Degree in Health and Environmental Issues

Career Experience/ Job History:


Spearkurst Mines Company

Manager for Health Safety and Environment

  • Studying reports and working out a budget for approved projects.
  • Inspecting worksites and working on complaints by employees concerning hazards
  • Constantly reassessing the working environment standards and making recommendations for better working conditions.


Minpers Mines

Manager for Health Safety and Environment

  • Receiving complaints from humans living around work zone, analyzing them and finding solutions to them.
  • Ensuring that the company complies to the code and laws are not breached.
  • Conducting surveys to determine how employees find their present working situations.


  • During my period of stay in all companies, there has been no record of casualties.
  • Laws haven’t been broken hence saving the company from paying penalties.
  • 75% of employees had seen an increase mechanisms put in place for safety.

Professional references upon request