Manufacturing Engineering CV

Manufacturing Engineers look after the production of products from conception to execution. It is their duty to provide the best plans possible, to setup the conditions for its manufacture, to fix any mistakes and then take the product into the manufacturing phase. They also take inputs from engineers from other fields, like biochemical engineers, to find the best possible ways of producing a product. They then devise efficient systems to manufacture the said product on a large scale.

Manufacturing Engineering is an important field with a lot of options in different sectors.

Sample Manufacturing Engineering CV Template

Sloghorn Leghorn

Chicken Farm, 35th


New Mexico

Mobile No: +34 25- 34534 3

Telephone No: +345 72938

Career Objective: To use my innovation, dedication and designing ability to produce effective manufacturing models and products.

Professional Experience:

Bless Thee, 2008-Present: currently employed as a Manufacturing Engineer in charge of producing the main line of products, cosmetics, most efficiently and viably. I work in close connection with the company’s managers and offer my suggestions as and when necessary.

Manufacturing Engineering Objectives:

  • To devise an efficient working model for the manufacturing of a given product
  • To fix problems with preliminary models
  • To set up the manufacturing process
  • To design a suitable step process
  • To actually manufacture the given product
  • To keep abreast with latest developments


2004-2008: Bsc in Manufacturing Engineering


A manufacture model of mine was displayed at a popular sales convention in Osaka, Japan.


  • Building flying toy airplanes
  • Bursting firecrackers


“Upon request”