Marine Engineering CV

A Marine Engineer works towards creating marine vessels. It is their job to provide new models and components at regular intervals. The exact sector may vary, but most all Marine Engineers work all the way from designing and all the way up to construction of vessels. They may specifically choose to work on passenger vessels or navy vessels or small boats and so on.

A Marine Engineer requires a solid CV for serious applicants. Marine Engineers require at least a four-year bachelor’s degree, however it is preferred that they have higher academic qualifications as well.

Sample Marine Engineering CV Template

Bobby Jane

Turb Street



Mobile No: +348 298237 984

Telephone No: +485 3983 398

Career Objective: To use my innovation and skill in the Marine Engineering sector to create new and interesting vessels to grace the waters.

Professional Experience:

Deep Marine Vessels, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Marine Engineer working towards creating better propulsion systems for deep sea submarines.

Marine Engineering Objectives:

  • To produce blueprints for new models
  • To oversee the production of all components
  • To tinker with older designs to produce better sea- going vessels
  • To constantly provide new designs and features to customers
  • To keep delivering replaceable parts for vessels to improve their functionality.


2002-2006: Bsc in Marine Engineering


The Navy has approached me concerning a contract they wish to sign with me giving me exclusive freedom to design deep-sea submarines. This is based on my current work for Deep Marine Vessels.


  • Flower Identifying
  • Laughter Therapy Practices


“Upon request”