Marketing CV Cover Letter Template

Marketing CV Cover Letter Template

Lucas G. Grant, 415 Ocean Highway Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 11234

October 23, 2010

Mary White
Marketing Director
Whitehouse Marketing Company
65 White Horse Rd.

Dear Ms. White,

My friend, Zeena James, currently working in the advertising department with your company indicated availability of a position of marketing internship currently available. I am very excited about this opportunity and I would be an asset to your company if selected, based on my college coursework and prior marketing experience.

My real life experience in marketing is from my previous internships with West Coast Office, Pine Arts, and Crystals. In these positions, I had an opportunity to develop my teamwork abilities by working on group projects with other interns as well as staff from each of these companies. These internships offered a chance to gain skills in the real world that allowed me to use what I learned in my academics and apply them to developing marketing objectives and strategies for these organizations.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my credentials.


Lucas Grant