Marketing CV

Marketing CVs are the toughest to write, whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. While writing a marketing CV, include a detailed account of the brands and projects that you have worked on along with your skill set. Also make sure you have an in-depth and updated knowledge of the brands that you have mentioned since the employer might end up asking you questions regarding the same. In such a case, you must not display a shallow knowledge of the brand that you have worked on.

Besides mentioning the work experience and qualification, include all the extra curricular like blogging, reading, etc in some details in your resume. A marketer is supposed to be able to market himself well first and hence make sure you can sell your personality to the potential recruiter.

Besides try and give the recruiter a feel that you have worked on different mediums and hence there is a complete approach to your learning. A recruiter will always look for an all rounder personality in a marketer.

Make sure you mention all the details of your on-ground projects as well as the recruiter might be looking for a person with a strong understanding of the basics.