Marketing internship sample CV

Marketing internship specialist or market INTREN is someone who occupies a temporary position with respect to (on-the-job training) unlike the normal employment methodology. An internship could be paid, unpaid or partially paid. Paid internships are most popular in the engineering, science, medical, architecture, law, business, and advertising and technology fields.

Sample Marketing internship CV Format

Mike Talon

88th Street




Mobile No: +36347383568

Telephone No: +5856846945709

Career Objective: I am a talented internet marketer specialist seeking for to be an intern marker (night shift) to improve my marketing capability. I hope I can integrate my talent to your own benefit.

Professional Experience:

WEB marketing 2002-2004:  worked as an assistant inter net marketer

WEB marketing 2004 and till now: working as a main member in internet marketing crew

Marketing Objectives:

  • To interact with resident marketing specialists to promote one’s marketing capabilities
  • To manage and guide all internal and international Sales and Marketing issues
  • To participate in writing creative, and effective sales strategies
  • To meet marketing targets
  • To make comparative marketing analyses and create accurate sales predictions
  • To feed clients with technical support
  • To offer creative and comprehensive solutions to the current marketing problems
  • To analyze and guide the all crew members
  • Follow up the company policy towards intern marketer.


BA in marketing Studies, Chicago University


I was awarded the employee of the year in WEB marketing in 2008


  • Singing


“Upon request”