Marketing sample CV

Marketing is a process in which companies hire people and equip technology to specify what products or services might be spotted with interest to customers, and the guidelines to follow in sales, communications and financial development. Its involves social marketers, internet marketers and marketing managers to evaluate the market’s stability

Sample Marketing CV Format

Bruno Della

55th Street




Mobile No: +34 232357

Telephone No: +5864584588

Career Objective: To work in a stimulating, challenging and real life marketing negotiations. To integrate my negotiation skills with the company’s benefited.

Professional Experience:

AAA marketing 2002-2004:  worked as an assistant marketer

AAA marketing 2004 and till now: working as a main member in the marketing crew

Marketing Objectives:

  • To interact with marketing specialists to promote for the right products in the right time
  • To manage and guide all internal and international Sales and Marketing issues
  • To develop and maintain creative, and effective sales strategies
  • To meet marketing targets
  • To make comparative marketing analyses and create accurate sales predictions
  • To feed clients with technical support
  • To offer innovative and comprehensive solutions to many complex marketing problems
  • To oversee and guide the Technical Support members
  • To create a solutions system by working tightly with software developers, as it increase the sales rate.


BA in marketing Studies, Chicago University


I was awarded the employee of the year reward for the year of 2008


  • Singing


“Upon request”