Mason CV

Mason (or construction worker) is a person who lays bricks to construct walls or brick work. The term also refers to a person who use blocks to establish block work walls or any other forms of masonry. In Australian and British English, a mason is commonly known as a “brickie”

Sample Mason CV Format

David mason

D-12, 1stStreet

Palm spring



Mobile No: +43 554535

Telephone No: +78 565685367

Career Objective: experienced construction worker in stone masonry and bricklaying seeks to be employed as a bricklayer in a reputed construction company. I am willing to equip skills in analysis and organization for the good of the company. I am able to work under the least minimal supervision.

Professional Experience:

Stone Mason: 2002-2004: worked as an assistant construction worker

Stone Mason: 2004 and till now: worked as a construction worker then a mason worker

Mason Objectives:

  • To Mix substances for making bricks
  • To oversee the baking of bricks
  • To ensure that baked bricks were good to start building
  • To oversee the price and delivery of substances for making bricks or laying bricks
  • To maintain and clean tools used for making bricks or laying bricks
  • To shape broken bricks into unanimously construction stones.


2005 – 2007: Construction Diploma from the Vocational School (Brick Making and Laying)


I was awarded the employee of the year at Stone Mason in 2008.


  • Video games
  • Reading
  • swimming


“Upon request”