Massage Therapist CV Template

Massage therapist is a professional who is skilled and trained in providing massage therapies for medicinal benefits to the patients. Such kind of profession requires ability to implement various kinds of techniques and methods in order to give relief to patients. Hence, to acquire a job position which would enable the candidate to explore various opportunites in this field, one must construct an effective resume. To accomplish the task of constructing an effective resume, one can use Massage therapist CV template as an instantly available pre-built layout specific to the job position.

Sample Massage Therapist CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Minutes:

[specify detailed personal information of the candidate]

Name of the Applicant:

Address of the Applicant:

Contact Number:

Date of Birth:


I wish to acquire a position of massage therapist by delivering _______________ [elaborate the career statement of the candidate]

Summary of Educational Degrees:[mention the degrees acquired by the particular candidate]

  • General educational diploma from _________[name of the institute] on year _______
  • Bachelor of Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massages from ________ [name of the institute] on year _________.
  • __________ [mention if any additional degrees have acquired]

Summary of Qualifications: [Mention the qualifications the candidate possess for acquiring a job position of massage therapist]

  •  ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

Summary of Work Experiences: [Specify the organization where the candidate have worked earlier and the duties accomplished by him in due course]

  • Worked at ________ [name of the organization] as _____ [name of the designation] from year ______ to __________.
  • Worked at ________ [name of the organization] as _____ [name of the designation] from year ______ to __________.