Massager CV

A Massager’s services may be required in a number of places, including on cruise ships, physiotherapy centers, spa centers and so on. The requirements also vary according to the type of massage being provided, which ranges from casual to medicinal. Massagers are expected to be well versed in different techniques as well as know how to deal with different kinds of customers. Massages may range from leisurely to medical requirement.

A good CV may be required to get into a high profile place. This CV may be used by Spa Massagers, Physiotherapy Massagers and Stress Relief Massagers.

Sample Massager CV Template

Sasha Tweilik

Davik’s Estate, 759th



Mobile No: +436 466 4 3

Telephone No: +948 30 433 2

Career Objective: To provide service with my massage expertise.

Professional Experience:

Lion’s Physiotherapy Center, 2006-Present: working as a physiotherapy massager with patients with back problems. This includes accident victims, chronic sufferers and generally stressed out people. I w

Massager Objectives:

  • To work in accordance with the client’s schedule
  • To provide service as per the requirements
  • To keep abreast with new techniques
  • To provide the best massaging solutions possible


ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Complimentary Therapy Techniques (QCF)


I was able to help an elderly woman deal with her chronic back pain of thirty years, for which I was granted a special bonus by the Center. I still work on her payroll privately.


  • Fruit Tasting
  • Agricultural Related Activities


“Upon request”