Material Engineering CV

Material Engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering. It is the art of using a raw material to make products. The Stone Age used stone as the dominant product, the Bronze Age bronze and so on and so forth. Material Engineers are expected to convert raw material into useable forms for further processing. They are also expected to understand all materials properly so as to be able to recreate desired properties on demand.

With Nanotechnology fast becoming one of the most discussed issue of our time, Material Engineering has been brought back into the limelight.

Sample Material Engineering CV Template

Luca Brazia

Pale Road



Mobile No: +7 86 756  786 87

Telephone No: +987 8765 765

Career Objective: To function in the field of Material Engineering and serve one of the world’s oldest professions.

Professional Experience:

Tiny Nanotechnology Labs, 2003-Present: working as a Material Engineer on nanotechnology systems. The idea is to observe, research and analyze nano objects in order to replicate their properties for human use. The implications for this are vast.

Material Engineering Objectives:

  • To research as many materials as possible
  • To understand the various properties of materials
  • To replicate material properties for usability
  • To convert raw materials to usable materials
  • To ensure that materials have the same properties as their host


1999-2003: Bsc in Material Engineering


The Discovery Channel made a mention of my team and I during their half-hour special on nanotechnology on December 22nd, 2006.


  • Collecting Fish
  • Preparing fish bait


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