Mechanical Engineer CV

Mechanical Engineers function in a wide variety of roles. According to the dictionary definition, Mechanical Engineers transfer energy through devices to produce appliances. What that means in practical life is that Mechanical Engineers work on ensuring that places and appliances are making proper use of given energy instead of over or under consuming it.

Mechanical Engineering is a competitive field and requires a good CV. Mechanical Engineers usually require four-year degrees.  Top jobs may demand further studies as well.

Sample Mechanical Engineer CV Template

Johnny Street

Floral Valley, 77th



Mobile No: +438 7983 74

Telephone No: +0982 398 2

Career Objective: To excel in the field of mechanical engineering through my dedicated work.

Professional Experience:

Bright Solutions, 2006-2008: worked as a Mechanical Engineer working with new buildings to correctly install outlet pipes for air-conditioning systems.

Galaxy Mechanics, 2008-Present: currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer working exclusively with kitchen appliances and their applications. It is my job to ensure that the appliances are working correctly and at their optimum level.

Mechanical Engineer Objectives:

  • To ensure that mechanical appliances are working correctly in a given situation
  • To ensure that future installations of appliances will pose neither threat nor problem
  • To tinker with mechanical devices to create better solutions


2003-2006: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania


I was awarded First Prize at an annual convention for my proposals for a new kitchen system.


  • Carpentry
  • Camping


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