Medical Assistant CV Template

Medical assistants give support to physicians by performing administrative duties and taking charge of basic clinical tasks.  They work in hospitals and private clinics where they also perform functions such as bookkeeping and maintenance of medical records.

Sample Medical Assistant CV Template

John Wallace

Bridport Place, Islington

London, N1 6JN

Phone:  260-776-1234



I am looking for a position as a medical assistant in a public hospital that provides a challenging working atmosphere and room for career advancement.


Summary of Qualification

  • Two years of work experience as a medical assistant.
  • Highly skilled in communicating with others, both verbally and in print.
  • Skilled in clerical tasks and adept in computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Skilled in relating to and dealing with individuals of varying character.
  • Accurate and careful in following instructions.
  • Resourceful and efficient worker.
  • Possess strong math and communication skills.

Career Experience/Job History


2008 – Present:  Medical Assistant, Islington Hospital

  • Measure and record the vital signs and the physical condition of patients such as blood pressure and temperature.
  • Perform routine laboratory tests for patients.
  • Assist the doctor in giving treatments and injections to patients.
  • Keep records of patients and important medical files such as the results of laboratory tests and appointment schedules.
  • Ensure the maintenance of treatment rooms.
  • Clean and dress incisions and wounds.
  • Collect specimens from patients for testing and develop X-rays.
  • Perform additional administrative functions like receiving bills and setting appointments.


2005 – 2007:  Certified Diploma in Nursing, Birmingham University

Passed certification examination.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.