Medical billing CV Template

A medical billing CV template should ideally reflect meticulousness in approach and excellent grasp for figures. Interpersonal communication skills and ability to get work done should also be stated in the resume. Medical billing is a technical field which requires basic computer knowledge, which again should be reflected in the CV.

Sample Medical Billing Resume Template

Simon Jordan,

234 Bakersville Rd,



Mobile Number: 44 2343 5767

Telephone Number: 012345 86958

Career Objective

Seeking a job as a medical biller in a competitive environment, which will allow me to demonstrate my expertise and at the same time augment my skills. An excellent communicator, it often helps in solving delay issues, if any should arise. Meticulous nature and complete dedication in my work has ensured that my superiors have always appreciated my work.

Educational Background

Diploma in Medical Billing, 2004

Bachelor of Science, Medical Sciences, 2003

Work Experience

2007-Present: Medical Billing Clerk, Kingston Inc


  • Maintained documents relating to patients containing personal information
  • Recorded and maintained patient reports, income status and other such related information
  • Processed billing, reimbursements claims
  • Designed forms and manuals and processes to be followed by organization
  • Handled customer service, queries, complaints and feedback

2004-2006: Medical billing clerk, Charleston Inc.


  • Handled all reports of registration, investigation results, accounting records
  • Maintained records of billing instructions, diagnosis etc of patients
  • Handled customer queries, complaints, problems and service
  • Prepared a novel way to record complaints and handle them on time
  • Maintained all records of customer accounts, including prepaid credit etc.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent command over computer software
  • Good grasp of medical coding and transcription
  • Good knowledge of medical terms
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English


  • Developed a new method for customer service
  • Prepared manuals and procedures for company